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Our mission

Creating childhood memories that lasts for generation.

  • Independence

    Learning, trying, failing, getting back up, the never-ending independence struggle for our young ones. We help you on this journey to become independent.

  • Bold

    We are childish, always learning, trying new things and ideas, standing out and being like no one else and doing this we still keep our cool.

  • Memories

    We strive to create memories of fun, love and excitement instead of memories laying on the floor cleaning up dinner.

Meet some of us

  • I love our freedom under responsibility. You always feel appreciated at work, and that your hard work really makes a difference.


    Head of Purchase

  • Twistshake always think about employee’s career development. I can learn new things everyday and improve myself. The environment is also perfect! Clean office, delicious fika and nice colleagues. All make me enjoy to work at Twistshake.


    Sales Administrator

  • It's fun to work in an contemporary and trendy industry and the work is very developing, as I get to learn to analyze influencer marketing on specific markets and become specialized in my field.


    Influencer Marketing Specialist